Trauma and Resilience in Very Young Children with Incarcerated Parents

The national organization Zero to Three just published a new volume of their journal focusing on infants and toddlers with incarcerated mothers and fathers.

The ZERO TO THREE Journal | Vol 40 No 4

“Parental absence due to incarceration is a unique family stressor. Many children have an absent parent because of events such as divorce or deployment, but an absence that is due to incarceration can be highly stigmatizing and may lead families to hide this fact. Teachers and other professionals are in a position to provide critical supports and services that build on family strengths and foster resilience in children affected by the trauma of parental incarceration. This issue of the Journal draws attention to the millions of children in the United States who have experienced parental incarceration and its consequences, and invites readers to consider how one can help.”

Table of Contents
Pg 2—This Issue and Why It Matters
Pg 5—Promoting Resilience With Children Impacted by Parental Incarceration
Pg 14—“No One Has Ever Asked Me if I’m a Dad.”: Supporting Families in the Context of Incarceration Through Community-University-Corrections Partnerships
Pg 22—Parent–Child Separation Due to Incarceration: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Considerations
Pg 30—Reuniting Young Children With Their Incarcerated Parents
Pg 40—Understanding Secondary Trauma and Stress in the Early Childhood Workforce
Pg 51—Exploring Early Care and Education Policy for Young Children of Incarcerated Parents
Pg 59—Family Systems, Communities of Care, and Mental Health

1 thought on “Trauma and Resilience in Very Young Children with Incarcerated Parents”

  1. This is such an important topic! Millions of children are affected by their parent’s incarceration. Thank you for posting and talking about it. An article I just read, talks about this great nonprofit who gives a voice to these children and unites with them to let them know they are not alone. It is wonderful!

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