New Book on Incarcerated Mothers and their Children

This new book focuses on children with incarcerated mothers, a growing and vulnerable population. It presents five studies, along with an introduction and summary. The five studies examine new data on:

  • The benefits of a prison doula program for mothers and newborns in contrast to what usually happens for pregnant women who give birth during incarceration.
  • How children cope with separation from their mothers because of incarceration and how that separation continues to affect children’s lives following family reunification.
  • Differences in recidivism between mothers and nonmothers during the 10 years following release.
  • Alternatives to incarceration for women in residential drug treatment and how community supervision mandates can affect, contribute to, or extend mother-child separation.

The final chapter integrates information from the studies and summarizes implications for policy and practice.

The book is edited by Drs. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan and Danielle Dallaire.

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