Resources for Children with Incarcerated Parents in Wisconsin

Madison-area Urban Ministry is a wonderful resource for children with incarcerated parents and their families in Wisconsin, especially in the Dane County area.

My students and I have participated in MUM’s Returning Prisoner Simulation, which helps people understand and empathize with the challenges experienced by those returning from prison. I have hosted panels in the school of Human Ecology to highlight Just Bakery, MUM’s amazing culinary arts vocational training program for recently incarcerated individuals. In 2014, their first full year of programming, 51 students participated in the program providing more than 23,000 service hours. 60% of the participants found employment right away.

MUM staff have served as guest speakers when I teach my undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on children with incarcerated parents and talked about their Circles of Support Program to help support those recently released from prison. From Family Connections to Healing House to Reading Connections and advocacy to reduce racial disparities in Dane County, MUM has been doing it all.

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